The Ladies


Alex will sniff the barmaid’s apron, but that’s as far as she’ll go on the first date. The third date is yardwork and on the fourth you’re a peanut butter sandwich. (Mmmm, peanut butter!)

Comedy audiences may recognize Alex from her 10 years of service as a writer and performer in Six Characters, the world’s most prolific multimedia slapstick comedy troupe. Her work in live theater has been seen at such venues as the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (NY), St. Ann’s Warehouse, LaMama e.t.c, The Chernuchin Theater, One Arm Red, HERE Arts Center, and the Orlando Fringe Festival. On film Alex has modeled sports bras, wedding dresses, and sensible shoes in films both short and long, including John Des Roches’ Fool, Kavita Kapoor’s The Box (screened on cell phones all over Europe!) Her questionable looks have appeared in PSAs for the Natural Resources Defense Council and a commercial for Ayala Herbal Water (tastes like real shoes!)

Follow Alex on Twitter: @aceofsix (Nigerian investment opportunities and vitamin supplement recommendations welcome!)



Born by a woman who made love to a man, Katharine grew up in a small town in MA that rhymes with Schmongschmeadow. Putting the “wa?” in awkward, she had a lot of time on the weekends to daydream of her future. When she realized that the position of first actress in space was vacant, Katharine hit the road to NYC. There she met one zillion other actors.

Graduating from NYU’s TISCH School of the Arts, Katharine was ready to start her acting career standing in line waiting for auditions. Highlights to her carreer were roles such as the epilectic young mother Rose in Tornado who liked to say “hooey” and Gustov, the bearded man with a big belly and no one to love in Synaesthetic Theatre’s production of The Invisible Man. The New York Times praised her ‘coarsely wise’ rendition of Audrey in Kings County Shakespeare’s production of As You Like It. After dabbling in voiceover, student films and webisodes, Katharine found herself writing and performing with the critically acclaimed, silent, physical comedy group Six Characters. She helped write and performed in the OOBR award winning Six Characters Commeth, the TV pilot Six Characters: Too Cancelled for TV, two Global Warming video shorts and their last live show Six Characters:Best Show Ever!

Katharine has been seen on television (in the background) of several shows like Rescue Me and 30 Rock.  She was there, really. Just don’t blink.  Katharine will return from space in 2045.



Sabrina won’t stop until somebody calls the cops.

She has spent the past decade terrorizing television and theatre audiences with her many outrageous accents and her stunning ability to fill out a pantsuit.

From her unforgettable turn as Attorney Ziff on Law & Order to her work hosting a series of How To videos, from her often remarked upon Off-Broadway performance as an opium-addicted nymphomaniac to her flawlessly-executed triple takes on a Mongolian sitcom, from her grandparents’ tricked-out basement to the corner booth of Red Lobster, Sabrina has no qualms about showing you how to feel, shooting for the moon, and/or faking until she makes it.

Need a reference? Call Kevin Bacon. He’s playing at B.B. King’s tonight.

If you are very lucky and/or related to her, you may have caught her comedy craft show at Chicago City Limits or, more recently, at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre.  Oh, yeah, also, she has been known to publish funny writing things in 12th Street Magazine and Cosmopolitan.