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Happy 2011 Hatchlings!

We hope this New Year brings you all the love, laughter and porridge you desire.

As one year flips to the next, you find people reflecting on their past 365 days.  Every kind of Top Ten list is count down by every public forum you can stumble on. Individually we think about how we succeeded or totally forgot to meet our previous resolutions. Was my year so kick ass that I want to make sure next year is the same?  Was my year the type I wish I could have ‘pass to go’ with every anguishing day?  These thoughts help us to take stock in our lives and become proactive towards our future.  They can also depress the fuck out of you.  But this year is different.  It’s even a tad more intense.

This New Year marks the end of the first decade in the new millennium! 2010 is over, long 52 weeks live 2011! Extra editions for all the Top Ten shows! The best and worst of any plant, animal, mineral, movie or band you can think of for all of 2010!

Our gift to you is NO Top Ten list.  We insist.  Instead we will be expressing the past ten years in haiku.  So, Happy New Year!  Make 2011 special!

(As I write this I watch ‘Acient Aliens’ on the History Channel and my dog squeaks her favorite seahorse toy on my shoulder. Both are equally satisfying. Resolution to ‘enjoy life’ done.  Boo-ya!)